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The Future of Work

Jan 10, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM

University of Arizona - Student Union, Tucson, AZ

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Event Summary


The Making Action Possible (MAP) Dashboard, Arizona Daily Star and University of Arizona are partnering to create a thought-provoking and future-focused event to explore how automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will impact both the workplace of tomorrow and education of today.

Speakers will include UA President Robert C. Robbins, Eller Economic and Business Research Director George Hammond, Arizona Board of Regents Immediate Past Chair Ron Shoopman, along with panel presentations from industry and education leaders.  

Parking is free in the Second Street Garage (1340 E 2nd Street) or the Highland Garage (1420 E Helen Street). Light refreshments will be provided.

Event Schedule / Activities



Jan 10, 2020
04:00 PM
Tickets are required. Please either provide a printed ticket per person or have the tickets available on your phone.
04:30 PM
Robert C. Robbins, President, University of Arizona.
04:40 PM
The Impact of AI on the Southern Arizona Workforce
George Hammond, Director, Eller College Economic and Business Research Center
05:00 PM
Meet Your Robot Co-Worker
A panel of Tucson industry leaders discuss automation and AI in the current workplace.
05:35 PM
Shaping the Future Workforce
Tucson educators discuss how the educational system is preparing for the future workplace.

University of Arizona - Student Union

1303 East University Boulevard
Grand Ballroom
Tucson, AZ 85719

Event Details

To meet Arizona’s workforce needs, the UA must prepare our students to work and lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, when biological, digital, and physical technologies converge to further transform the landscape and our reality. 

            -Robert C. Robbins, President, University of Arizona


Join us for the most important two hours of your career and learn how automation and artificial intelligence are expected to affect the workplace. Local industry leaders and education experts will introduce you to the sweeping changes being driven by automation and artificial intelligence—already coined the “4th Industrial Revolution.”

Students - Learn how to adjust your education strategy so you can thrive in the automated future. 

Educators – Business and community officials will be looking to you to help prepare tomorrow’s tech-proficient workforce. Find out what they need.

Working Adults – Discover paths to retraining and re-engineering your career that will enable you to shift to the new workplace. 


Speakers & Panelists:

  • Robert C. Robbins, President, University of Arizona


  • Ron Shoopman, Treasurer, Arizona Board of Regents


  • George Hammond, Director, Eller College Economic and Business Research Center


  • Meet Your Robot Co-Worker:
    • Moderator: Mara Aspinall, Managing Director, BlueStone Venture Partners
    • Panelists:
      • Calline Sanchez, Vice President, Systems Lab Services, IBM
      • Anthony Cook, General Manager, AHS Center of Excellence, Komatsu
      • Paul Dias, President, CEO, COO, Dias Management Inc. dba McDonald's
      • Robert Brown, Director of Public Affairs & Government Relations, TuSimple


  • Shaping the Future Workforce:
    • Moderator: John Pedicone, Director of Education Policy, Southern Arizona Leadership Council
    • Panelists:
      • David Dore, Vice Chancellor of Workforce & Economic Development, Pima Community College
      • Paulo Goes, Dean, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona
      • Kathy Prather, Superintendent/CEO, Pima Joint Technical Education District
      • Manuel Valenzuela, Superintendent, Sahuarita Unified School District







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